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What are the detection methods of toxic and harmful gas detector

Article source: AI Yi Technology popularity: - Time of publication: 11:40:00, January 13, 2017

Toxic and harmful gas detector is a common detection instrument, which can detect all kinds of toxic gas, and is widely used in many industries. In fact, the toxic and harmful gas detector can use a variety of methods to detect, the following will specifically introduce the toxic and harmful gas detector four detection methods, hoping to help you.

1. Colorimetric tube measurement technology

In addition to the use of toxic gas alarm, colorimetric tube technology is still used in industrial environmental protection. The biggest advantage of this measurement method based on chemical color reaction is that it can make up for the lack of suitable detection sensor when using instrument measurement.

2. Electrochemical sensor

Electrochemical sensor is the most common and mature detection technology used in portable gas detector to detect toxic and harmful gases. Electrochemical sensors are characterized by small size, low power consumption, good linearity and repeatability, and long life.

3. Semiconductor sensor

Semiconductor sensor is made of metal oxide or metal semiconductor oxide material. It can produce surface adsorption or reaction when it interacts with gas, causing the change of conductivity, volt ampere characteristic or surface potential characterized by carrier movement. It can be used to detect the percentage concentration of combustible gas, can also be used to detect ppm level of toxic gas.

4. Ionization detector

At present, the ionization detectors that can be seen in the market can be divided into PID (photoionization detector) and flame ionization detector (FID). They are the most commonly used toxic gas detectors in gas chromatography instruments. If these two sensors are made into instruments separately, they will become the most commonly used method to detect volatile organic compounds Detection means.

 Ag310 toxic gas detector.jpg

Ag310 toxic gas detector

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